The Rationale of Myth: Devi (1960)

(I wrote about Devi (1960) for Animus magazine. Here’s a small excerpt. You are still asking about spoilers? You would think you would be rational and learn. But I guess this spoiler obsession is religious in nature.) “I’ll convince him! I have all the latest arguments at my fingertips,” boasts the cocky Umaprasad (Soumitra Chatterjee), […]

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Back to One’s Roots: Kummatty

My article was published in film companion. Here’s a small excerpt from it. The relationship between cinema and magic has been topsy-turvy, to say the least. Thearrival of cinema was heralded as some sort of spectacular magic trick – a piece oftechnical wizardry where the cinematographed reality appeared to collide with ourown. In its formative […]

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No Exit: The Shooting

My article was published in the Australian film magazine – Senses of Cinema. Here’s a small excerpt of the article which you can read on the site. From one angle, as Phillip Strick’s Sight and Sound1 review pointed out, The Shooting (Monte Hellman,1966) can be viewed as a classic revenge Western with the gender roles reversed. A woman, angered by […]

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The Masculinity of the Emasculated : Cairo Station

(Spoilers, schmoilers. Hmph.) The combination of disability (mental and/or physical) and psychosexual horror is a delicate balancing act, to say the least. A well-intentioned film might try to rage against the common stereotype of disabled or “ugly” men as lecherous monsters driven by a murderous resentment of their more “well-endowed” counterparts, with the ugliness of […]

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All You Need is Love: Punch-Drunk Love

(All you need is love. Which means spoilers are superfluous. This also means that this review is superfluous regardless of the spoilers in it. So why care about the spoilers?) Riffing off multiple genres and sub-genres, cinematic touchstones and styles, actor personas and audience perceptions, cinematic fantasies and cinematic realities, Paul-Thomas Anderson’s (PTA) delightfully conflicting Punch-Drunk […]

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In Search of Lost Time : Phoenix

(The spoilers interact with my previously used spoilers, and its important to contexualise the spoilers through those. If you have read those previous articles, then fine, SPOILER ALERT!!! If not, it is better to forget that they exist :P.) The spectre of the past doesn’t just loom over the present, it inhabits the spaces between […]

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