All You Need is Love: Punch-Drunk Love

(All you need is love. Which means spoilers are superfluous. This also means that this review is superfluous regardless of the spoilers in it. So why care about the spoilers?) Riffing off multiple genres and sub-genres, cinematic touchstones and styles, actor personas and audience perceptions, cinematic fantasies and cinematic realities, Paul-Thomas Anderson’s (PTA) delightfully conflicting Punch-Drunk […]

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In Search of Lost Time : Phoenix

(The spoilers interact with my previously used spoilers, and its important to contexualise the spoilers through those. If you have read those previous articles, then fine, SPOILER ALERT!!! If not, it is better to forget that they exist :P.) The spectre of the past doesn’t just loom over the present, it inhabits the spaces between […]

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Multiple Reflections : Addham(Mirror)

( My aunt was a core member of the film. Interpret my ‘bias’ however you want to.) I think it’s almost universally acknowledged that Addham’s theme is morality. Heck, even its tagline is “Morality is a moving goalpost”. But morality is steeped in murkiness, encompassing issues ranging from the grand to the minuscule. The ambiguity associated with […]

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Propaganda as Poetry : I am Cuba

(You know what happened during the Cuban revolution, right? So my review is devoid of spoilers! Unless you counter by saying that history is laden with spoilers, which isn’t exactly a counter, since you are basically saying that your history teacher is a spoilsport. I stand with the history teachers. Not really, for they do […]

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Seeds of Unity: Antigone

(I posted one article without spoilers and now the spoiler brigade is at it again. Come on guys, in a utopian world, they wouldn’t give a damn about spoilers. No, seriously. Well, at least in my utopian world. But it’s still utopian! I promise. (grins sardonically) Spoilers aren’t bad, sometimes they help! Who do they […]

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Cinephilic Meltdown: Peeping Tom

(I posted this on Baradwaj Rangan’s website, so this is a link to the rest of the article. There aren’t any spoilers actually, at least not of any consequence. Hah! I have finally thwarted you!) It’s strange how a film devoid of blood-splattered gore and pornographic cheap thrills evoked so much moral condemnation upon release, […]

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Humanity’s Swamp: Satantango

( If you read the review, you will know that I meant Westerners than humanity in general, but where’s the poeticism, you pedant?) ( The nature of spoilers in this film is too ambiguous that its impossible to affix terms like spoilers to this review. You wouldn’t want to be reductive, would you?) “How can […]

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